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Class and Individual Lessons

New Individual lessons begin each month! Enrollment for Group Classes this summer begins June 4! To see if you like our coaching, you may request a 45 minute individual class at no charge or obligation.  These complimentary classes only at North Phoenix location.  To enroll in summer classes contact the Scottsdale YMCA 480-951-9622.

Individual lessons are held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in the North Valley.  The cost for Individual lessons is 1/2 hour=$15, 45 minutes =$20, and 1 hour= $25.  Individual lessons are also offered on Wednesdays in the East Valley (Mesa).  The costs for Individual lessons in the East Valley is 1/2 hour= $20, 45 minutes= $25, and 1 hour lessons are $30.   

We also offer small class lessons.  Small classes have 2-3 students.  The class length is 45 minutes. The cost for each student is $10.  The classes must have a minimum of 2 members.   You can inquire about lessons by using the email address under the Contact Us tab or call 602-550-7348.  We are currently coaching in the north valley, west valley, and Mesa/Chandler area.   


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